It’s a workload, being a full-time student, working, and being involved in church. Trust me, I know. At one point I remember having to deal with a 19-credit semester in college, working at church during the week, and being part of the church’s worship team AND the youth group leadership AND a House of Peace leader.

My weekly schedule consisted of what’s illustrated in this chart, every week day I was either in school (green) or working (orange), and nearly every weeknight I had something church-related to do (blue). And if you think that was a lot imagine becoming the youth Pastor a few weeks later!

If you’re on the same boat as I was and currently am, balancing work, church, and school, (plus now a relationship!) and wondering how I, just not managed, but thrived, I’ll share with you some major keys I’ve learned.


Let me explain, platters come in different sizes and are used for different purposes, they can range from small cheese or fruit platters meant for tiny portions to entrée platters that contain large amounts of food. Now, if you try and serve a full meal in a small fruit platter, what will happen? The fruit platter can’t handle that much food, it’ll overflow and the meal will be lost.

The same thing can be applied to us. Know the size of your platter before taking up a large amount of work or committing to something. Not everyone has a large platter, and that’s okay. The worst thing you can do to yourself and to others is take up more than you can handle. Take a step back and ask yourself and ask God, “Abba, Is it Your Will for me to take this on?” God will never give you more than what you can handle, and if your platter is overflowing, you’ve taken up things that God never told you to do.


I cannot emphasize how important this is! Most of us know the order of priorities, God #1, then comes family, then church, and school and/or work. It’s easy to say them and know them, but when it comes down to either studying for finals or going to youth group, or working an extra day and missing Sunday service, those priorities can blur. Always remember, seek God above ALL. Most people forget that God is a God of impossibilities, and He creates miracles in our lives on a daily basis. There have been many instances where God has multiplied my time so I can get all my schoolwork done so I won’t have to miss a service, and multiplied my strength so I won’t feel weary or tired after a full days’ worth of work. If you made a commitment to your church, keep it. Even if it means less time for school or taking a day off from work, because unlike your boss or your professors, God always rewards us when we put Him first. And His rewards are eternal and everlasting.

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