Developing Healthy Habits

From the beginning of creation, it has always been God’s will that we take proper care of our bodies and maintain optimal health in order to carry out His will here on earth.

As Christians, we see several indications through God’s word that suggest that a balanced diet along with proper rest should be a priority in our lives. This blog segment was created to help us establish that balance.

The key to finding a good balance between health and wellbeing is to pay close attention to our daily routine and habits that contribute to either a healthy life or that cultivate diseases and ailments in our bodies. The foods we consume have an important role in providing health and regeneration to our organism. A well-balanced diet, and a daily exercise routine, in combination with vitamin supplements are habits that we must develop to see greater success in our health.

The good news is that it's never too late to adopt healthy habits. You can start today!

There is a saying that says, "We are what we eat" and that carries a great truth if we analyze each food at the cellular level. We realize that we do become what we consume. Let's analyze the following: The outer layer of the skin regenerates every 28 days, the liver every 2 weeks, the lining of the stomach every 4 days, the skeletal structure of the human body every 3 months, the brain every 2 months, and the entire human body, until the last atom is replaced every 5-7 years. Undoubtedly, proper nutrition and diet has a great impact on the success of the body in this regeneration process. So, we can see that it is worth investing in our health and well-being!

There are 5 habits that are essential for health:

  1. Eat Well (Proper nutrition and a Balanced Diet)
  2. Sleep well (Daily rest, ideally 7-9 hours)
  3. Mental Health (Caring for and assessing our emotions, 15-minute daily meditation)
  4. Exercise (Move your body, 20 minutes a day)
  5. Hobby (Read, Dance, Join a support group)

Implementing these 5 simple daily habits can result in great changes in our overall wellbeing. The key is consistency and discipline.

Remember the Hand!

Next week we will learn about “superfoods” and their role in our daily diet and we will discover why they are such a trending topic!

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